Innovative leadership using Theory U

Theory U is a  process for innovative change in teams, organisations, and communities. It helps us tackle our toughest  unresolved challenges. It offers fantastic insights to leaders too, about how to bring about meaningful change and innovation. A bit about me and TheoryU  I have  been learning about Theory U since 2015.  I had co-led […]

A systemic view of team resilience

I’m interviewing leaders and staff,  discovering what has made their teams resilient during this uncertain time that we’ve been through globally. I’ll be presenting some of the information in a workshop at the SDF Festival of Learning later next week. In the meantime, here’s some insights on why we need a systemic view for Team […]

Understanding collaborative change, listening and problem solving

Theory U is a complete process for innovative change. Andry has been learning about Theory U since 2015. Learning Journeys are just one of the Theory U tools. What are Learning Journeys’ for? Theory U ‘Learning Journeys’ encourage you to move out of your daily routine and allow you to observe more deeply and to […]

‘I didn’t mean it like that!’ ‘Landmines’ and conflict in conversations at work

I’m learning about Deborah Tannen’s work. Her research focuses on conversations[1]. On why we understand and often misunderstand each other. Good conversation skills are in my experience,  crucial at work. Whether you work on customer service,  as an administrator, or as a manager using coaching skill. Working on  your conversation skills also contributes to your […]

What is Systemic Coaching?

It’s supportive conversations and confidential relationships that help you see the links between you and other staff, stakeholders and systems you are connected with. Seeing the interrelationships between all of us. Seeing the impact of your behaviours on others, on teams and on the organisation. It’s using that systemic perspective to help you come up […]

Motivation tips

group online meeting

Sometimes when at work,  we might experience stressful thinking such as:  ‘I have to go to this meeting’ or,  ‘I have to do this task’.  It’s a slightly tough way to think or to  motivate ourselves, as it creates  inner resentment and stress. Choice-based thinking, like ‘I want to..’ creates freedom and motivation. Tip part […]

The 6 secrets to team away day events

You either love team-building events or you hate them. I dislike team away-days that are full of  back-to-back speaker presentations. But I’d love to go to a paintball team away day.  My favourite team away days are the facilitated ones, where we chat, explore ideas, innovate, and plan our new way forward at work. A […]

Reduce bias in coaching

As coaches, we all need to be aware of our own biasses and the impact these  have. Unnoticed bias can lead to judgement and even discrimination.   It’s important  we work to reduce and eliminate our biases. That way we can provide a really professional,  safe and inclusive service. To all our clients.  Mezirow’s model […]

Getting the most for your money from coaching

Getting the most for your money from coaching   Coaching is an investment – time, energy and money.  You want to get something in return – positive change, a sense of direction and valuable learning. Here’s how I help my coachees get the most from coaching.  Helping them get a greater return on their investment, with […]

4 tips for best EDI practice when planning a staff training programme

1. Become aware: Reflect  on your own equality, diversity and inclusion learning experiences : What do you bring to the table in terms of having experienced inequality, equality or privilege in learning? Where have you challenged discrimination when learning? When have learning opportunities ‘opened easily’/’not opened’ for you in ways that might be radically different for […]