Surviving and Thriving through Change, Uncertainty and Adversity at Work

The world of work has become virtually unrecognisable. Constant uncertainty and a lack of financial security all contribute towards unprecedented demands on mental health and well-being. In the chaos of this ever-changing landscape, resilience is key to both surviving and thriving. And the good news is that resilience can be learnt. 

With Andry Anastasis McFarlane’s REALLY RESILIENT approach, you’ll learn to navigate workplace adversity and embrace change. You’ll become more effective at responding to crises.  You’ll make calmer decisions and have a greater positive impact on colleagues and clients alike.

Drawing on real-life examples, executive coaching insights, emotional intelligence, global wellbeing research and solutions-focused approaches, The REALLY RESILIENT Guide blends compassionate yet reassuringly practical guidance.  You’ll learn 27 relevant, proven resilience-building techniques you can quickly and easily practise at home or at work. 

Whether you are facing a challenge, in the middle of a change, or considering leaving your job entirely, this book will empower you to overcome obstacles and develop the confidence to handle almost any professional situation.

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If there is one person I know who I would trust to write about resilience, it’s Andry. Finally we have The Really Resilient Guide, jam packed with practical and relevant techniques for healthy responses to stress and uncertainty in these difficult times. Andry’s tone is encouraging and energising. She brings together her expertise and experience as a dynamic coach to provide a valuable and informative guide. Every organisation should get their hands on a copy. This book will change lives and shift perspectives.

Jackee Holder

Coach & Author

I think this book has come at a really opportune time in terms of what we are all facing in the world at the moment and will be a great opportunity for people to stop and reflect on their lives and make positive changes using the techniques in Andry’s book.


We all need a bit more resilience in life and this book gives great techniques to achieving that goal.

Fiona Evans 

HR Director of the Year 2017

Andry comes well out-fitted to provide the attentive reader with a variety of classic, as well as innovative techniques and processes that are bound to enhance the work lives of those of you who choose to practice what Andry preaches.

Joel Edelman

Attorney, Mediator & Author

Resilience is a buzz word but what Andry Anastasis McFarlane does in this very timely book is to make it meaningful for those who are facing the impact of COVID, and those who are facing the reality of a constantly changing and increasingly demanding workplace.  

She moves resilience beyond being a strategy for survival or a quality available to the heroic, into making REAL RESILIENCE a set of skills that can be developed by all of us. As we emerge into a working world changed by a pandemic, this book is a key resource for developing the adaptability, flexibility and self-care that mark those who are REALLY RESILIENT.

Dr. Carole Pemberton

Author of Resilience, A Practical Guide for Coaches

About the Author

Andry Anastasis McFarlane

Andry Anastasis McFarlane is an experienced keynote speaker, executive international coach, international workshop facilitator and learning consultant and author.

Andry has blended her career with over twenty  years of researching and practising resilience-building, collaboration, leadership, mentoring and coaching, teaching and learning  in some of the world’s leading organisations, including charities, universities and commercial organisations.