“I often went into a session thinking I was looking for one thing and came out with something quite different! Something better, with more longevity, less immediate solutions more long-term learning.”

Executive Director, Royal Museums Greenwich

Introducing the Really Resilient Guide Coaching and Workshops

  •  In a fast paced, demanding workplace, resilience is key to both surviving and thriving.
  • Without personal resilience you burn out, stop innovating and become resistant to change.
  • Your managers and staff might need to learn to hit the ground running and deliver high quality at a fast pace.
  • All this requires staying power, determination, ‘bounce’, collaborative teamwork and adaptability. But how can you be sure that you’ve got the right learning programme for your staff?
  • Andry Anastasis McFarlane is an expert in helping  managers and staff learn resilience. The author of the Really Resilient Guide, Andry is also a skilled coach and facilitator. With Andry’s REALLY RESILIENT approach, your staff will be taken on a personal learning, resilience-building journey.

       What you’ll experience 

  • You’ll discover high-quality Really Resilient Guide introductory workshops, in-depth courses and one-to-one Resilience Coaching.
  • Perfect for staff working online, face to face, or for hybrid environments.

Benefits for your staff

  • Avoid burnout: Your staff learn what sustainable resilience is, so they learn to not burn out.
  • Self-assess: They assess their own resilience, using Andry’s tested ‘resilience assessment wheel’.
  • Build mindsets: They learn how to build their resilience mindsets,  using tools such as ‘a really resilient day’.

  • Take action: They experience ‘small steps’ tools,  to support them to take actions to build their resilience every day.

Benefits for your managers

  • Avoid burnout: Your managers  learn how to invest in  their staff’s resilience and their own resilience – so they don’t burn out .
  • Team build: Managers discover how to build sustainable staff and team resilience, using evidence-based approaches. 

  • Handle change: They gradually develop their ability to manage change, challenge or adversity at work. 

  • Effortless learning: Your managers explore how using current workplace resources,  builds resilience. So, they can strengthen their teams, without effort