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The Learning Moment is that instant when you suddenly have an insight or a breakthrough in your learning.

Andry Anastasis McFarlane supports you to have more breakthrough learning moments at work and in your career. 

Andry is an experienced and qualified executive coach, workshop facilitator, learning consultant and author. Her book, The Really Resilient Guide, offers you 27 strategies for  surviving and thriving through change and uncertainty at work.

Her work has been featured on BBC Radio, Soho Radio and i.magazine.


Miranda Gay is a leading black female Senior Manager in education in the UK. She offers you Leadership, Management, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programmes.  She provides restorative-justice based workplace mediation too.

Her calm, clear and confident presence and expertise is great for organisations who are ready for change now. 

The Learning Moment Services

Online programmes you can begin right now

 ‘The Really Resilient Guide’ online courses for individuals and for organisations. You'll find an introductory course here too.

Executive management coaching and training

Develop your managers to be engaging, more emotionally intelligent and more equipped for change. 

Staff development workshops

Support your staff to be more skilled and better communicators. 


Help your teaching staff and team leaders excel and innovate. 

EDI, Social Responsibility and collaboration

Help your staff learn about equality, diversity and inclusion at work.  

And create learning projects that enhance collaboration and social responsibility. 

Learning Consultancy

Become a listening organisation. Learn what your staff and customers really think.

Workplace Mediation

Discover a peaceful way forward, with our workplace mediation service.

Our Clients

A few of our clients

ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Andry helped managers excel at strategic thinking and operational planning. 

She taught teams new conflict resolution skills and helped improve team communication using Myers Briggs analysis.

"Andry is the consummate professional, with the highest ethical standards which are really important when coaching senior managers… I can honestly say that there have been positive outcomes for both the individuals and the organisation."

Fiona Evans

Ex-HR Director, ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo

st george's university

St George's University of London

Andry supported a staff culture of wellbeing through her courses on emotional intelligence. 

"We commissioned The Learning Moment to deliver sessions as part of our 10 Days of Wellbeing initiative at St George's, University of London. Andry brought an experience and ideas to our discussions to create sessions to support our workforce to build positive relations at work and build personal resilience to stress The sessions were both theoretical and practical, giving our people the opportunity to explore personal resilience and to try out different strategies and technique wellbeing in the workplace. We have continued to work with The Learning Moment to support our workforce development initiatives, in particular those that focus on positive relationships."  

Khalid Joomaye

Ex-Head of Learning and Development, St George’s University of London

Morley College

Andry worked with teaching leads, supporting developmental lesson observation and improving teaching conversations using her innovative team coaching approach. This was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

 'Thought-proving and insightful...It has prompted me to be more mindful about the degree of clarity needed by some tutors regarding mutual expectations' 

Team Lead

Morley College - Improving Observations through Team Coaching Programme



Andry trained student mentors in 'solution focused' conversation skills. 

"The  mentor programme will help me in my role as the key contact for mentors and to support and facilitate them in their role. It really is a pleasure working with you."

Operations Manager

Tribal Group PLC

presencing institute

Presencing Institute, Impact Hub Global

Andry led and co-created an online library of facilitator’s materials  

that focused on innovation.

London school of hygiene

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Andry helped design, set up and assess a successful global  mentoring scheme. She also helped develop line managers' conversation skills about performance through coaching. 

"Andry was commissioned by The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to support the introduction of a pilot mentoring scheme in one of our academic faculties. 

This involved developing a handbook and associated documentation, facilitating the working group, designing and delivering training for mentors and mentees and subsequently conducting a post-pilot evaluation. 

The pilot proved to be immensely successful and has now formed the basis of a School wide scheme. Andry's contribution throughout the whole pilot phase has been extremely valuable and I have no hesitation in recommending her to you"

Margaret Bentley

Head of TED, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Impact Brixton

Andry supported negotiation skills, strategic planning, innovation and scaling up for entrepreneurs.

"Andry facilitated an excellent workshop on resilience for Impact Brixton's community, and the feedback from our community was overwhelmingly excellent.  Andry is an expert on emotional intelligence, coaching, and now helping leaders build resilience.  I am a massive fan of her work, and I am always amazed by how she engages all individuals and groups."

Gerald Vanderpuye

Managing Director, Impact Brixton 

Makeshift (POP Up Spaces)

Andry supported Makeshift to listen to local people about  the impact of planned local building developments.

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Why We're Different

Some providers offer off-the-shelf programmes that don’t meet your specific organisation’s needs. We are different. Andry and her team listen to you and design bespoke development programmes to match your needs. This leaves you and your staff feeling confident about each learning programme.and gives you the results and transformation you want.

We are qualified and experienced facilitators and coaches. We are FULL members of the Association for Coaching.  

We take you, staff and teams on an active learning journey that helps you change.

We also offer you an introductory online course to help you start learning right now. 

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