A fast track to learning: recording a coaching session

(2 min read) With a coachee’s permission, I recently recorded part of a coaching session and shared it with my supervisor for discussion. It was one of the most important and yet nerve-wracking coaching activities I’ve taken part in! So, here’s some information on why having your supervisor reflect on…

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Being a resilient teacher

Motivation tips

Sometimes when at work, we might experience stressful thinking such as:  ‘I have to go to this meeting’ or,  ‘I have to do this task’. It’s a slightly tough way to think or to motivate ourselves, as it creates inner resentment and stress. Choice-based thinking, like ‘I want to..’ creates freedom and…

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Reduce bias in coaching

As coaches, we all need to be aware of our own biases and the impact these have. Unnoticed bias can lead to judgement and even discrimination. It’s important we work to reduce and eliminate our biases. That way we can provide a really professional, safe and inclusive service. To all our clients.  Mezirow’s…

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