What is sustainable resilience?

Here’s an extract from my book; The Really Resilient Guide by me, Andry McFarlane, discussing what resilience is:

“When I’ve looked at resilience in popular culture, it appears heroic, like climbing Mount Everest against all the odds. For most of us, real- life resilience isn’t quite as dramatic. It’s the ongoing daily quest to survive and thrive through life’s challenges and opportunities. We may not climb actual mountains, but the obstacles we learn to overcome may have felt mountainous at one point.

In my experience resilience is…

A. Keeping going. Having staying power and persistence. It’s about digging deep and finding inner reserves of strength at times of challenge, change or stress.

B. Adaptability is ‘an ability or willingness to change, in order to suit different conditions.’ This is similar to flexibility but includes learning to blend in by adapting behaviours, or perhaps modifying your conversational style to be better heard.”

….”REALLY RESILIENT features (sustainable resilience)

I’ve come to believe that what is missing in most resilience-building processes is:

Self-awareness – the foundation of resilience

Well-being – a fundamental resilience quality”….

…”In my view, employers should share the personal responsibility towards your resilience (these basics might or might not to be upheld by legislation). Examples include Health and Safety, Duty of Care, mental health and well-being services, anti-discrimination practices, RESPECT and co-creating a good working culture, and good HR partner relationships. If you are self- employed or self-employed and working on a regular basis at a key client’s office space, this section may still be relevant for you (and for any staff you work with there).”

To find out more about resilience workshops and resilience and wellbeing coaching for your staff, drop me a line: [email protected]

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