Reclaiming time: lessons learned near a London canal

This was my view one evening last weekend, relaxing by a canal in London. I definitely wasn’t rushing around.

Since the pandemic,  I’ve noticed that people’s work lives have either sped up or slowed down. There are big differences in how we think about time, work and life.  Have you noticed this? Have you either taken on lots of extra projects, with a  sense of ‘there’s  so much I want/need to do right now’? Or maybe you’ve  decided to take your foot off the accelerator, to do your best to avoid burnout, to live life a little bit more humanely – slower? 

As a workplace coach and workshop facilitator, I hear and listen to stories about there ‘not being enough time’. I notice when people mentally live in the past or future, not the present. Of course all this happens to me as well!  

So, to overcome my old time-related -habits, I practise some newer  approaches :‘taking on only what I can handle timewise’, ‘savouring the moment’, ‘living in the now’. I’m learning to plan for the future and live in the present – however busy work and life is.

Looking forward to connecting with you next time.

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