Tips for innovating on longer L&D programmes

Tips for innovating on MAC programmes

On longer L&D programmes, such as Manager as Coach (MAC), there are a range of ways you can innovate. For example, if you have the capacity, you can factor in a small amount of ‘scaffolding time’ – this is extra structure that enables you to shape and facilitate an even better programme. In my experience, extra ‘scaffolding’ makes an incredible difference to the quality of a programme. 

Two ‘Scaffolding ideas’

It’s useful to have the (internal or external) facilitator connect with the participants, and/or their managers a few weeks before the programme. Especially if the participants don’t know the participants or their managers (I build this extra small cost into the programme budget). This connection can lower participant resistance to learning and can increase participant buy-in and ROI.

For example: Plan in 30-60 mins for the facilitator to create a pre-programme online survey, so that participants and their managers can contribute to shaping the programme. This consists of questions such as ‘What would make this learning useful for you/your staff?’ I’ve used this on Team Away days successfully.

At another organisation I facilitate and coach with, we have a ‘welcome to the programme’ 30-minute briefing session, a few weeks before the programme. I meet all of the participants online, share an overview of the programme and ask about what resonates from the programme overview. We ask about any apprehensions. That input contributes to improving the programme design.

Want more L&D innovations?

In the upcoming Higher Education SDF conference, I will be leading the workshop on ‘innovating your Manager as Coach’ programme, so that it is more relevant, pragmatic and up to date. ‘Scaffolding’ is just one of the many ideas I will share with you. Join us for that event.

If you’d like to speak with us about coaching, or MAC programmes, please get in touch: :[email protected] or find out more about what our clients say here.

This article is adapted from a longer feature.

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