The 6 secrets to team away day events

You either love team-building events or you hate them. I dislike team away-days that are full of back-to-back speaker presentations. But I’d love to go to a paintball team away day. My favourite team away days are the facilitated ones, where we chat, explore ideas, innovate, and plan our new way forward at work.

A facilitated team away-day can truly enable positive change. In my experience, it depends on these 6 things that any good facilitator can get right.

  • Interactive content: Engagement is essential. Even if it’s a chat box with questions. A one-way presentation might inspire – but you are looking for more than that for real change. Include questions, activities, and feedback moments.
  • Negotiated programme: Designing the content without negotiating it with your participants is a sure way to get a lack of buy-in. Have conversations with your participants in advance. Use the info from those conversations to shape your away day content.
  • Transparency: Be clear about the themes, challenges, or questions you want to address.  Don’t surprise people with a controversial, previously hidden agenda on the day.  

  • Safety: There’s a lot to think of here. Begin with good guidelines for learning, Covid guidelines, regular breaks, on-line security, and non-judgemental listening. Make sure that you keep your event a safe space for your staff to learn.
  • Make it matter: Follow up on whatever is agreed, in a timely manner. It is then apparent that your team days make a real difference

  • Finally, a bit of a personal preference…Argh – team building! Don’t call it a ‘team-building’ day. You know that people will resist that. Brand it right: Adapt your language. You could try… design day, lunch and learn, away day or development day. Anything but Team Building!

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