4 tips for best EDI practice when planning a staff training programme

1. Become aware:

Reflect on your own equality, diversity and inclusion learning experiences : What do you bring to the table in terms of having experienced inequality, equality or privilege in learning? Where have you challenged discrimination when learning? When have learning opportunities ‘opened easily’/’not opened’ for you in ways that might be radically different for others? When have you easily accessed/struggled to access additional learning support? How might all this experience affect your approach to facilitating and to supporting your learners?

2. Weave it in:

EDI is not just a module – it needs to be weaved in throughout your programme. Explore how you could do that for your course and participants…..with resources, discussions, activities, language and even your evaluation.  E.g. in our ‘Manager as Coach’ course, we talk – right from the beginning of the coaching course – about how an ‘aware coach’ is conscious of coach/coachee similarities and differences, e.g. age, gender, race etc….We explore how to bring best EDI practice to all the stages of a coaching relationship. This is ideally done in discussion with facilitation peers.

3. Be inspired:

Engage your learners. Create new resources lists that promote and reflect the diversity of the UK and also it’s underrepresented groups. As digital learning becomes the norm, there are so many more diverse resources online. Research relevant inclusive, positive resources by a range of authors including BAME authors, LGBTQ+ and disabled speakers/authors.

4. De-colonisation:

Whatever the subject you are facilitating, learn about de-colonisation and learning. Explore how you could de-colonise your facilitation approach, your course and any older reading/resources list. This is often done best as a collaborative journey with colleagues.

At The Learning Moment we offer an organisational EDI support service. This includes focus groups, EDI awareness sessions and coaching. Do drop us a line for a chat: [email protected]