Getting the most for your money from coaching

Getting the most for your money from coaching   Coaching is an investment – time, energy and money.  You want to get something in return – positive change, a sense of direction and valuable learning. Here’s how I help my coachees get the most from coaching.  Helping them get a greater return on their investment, with […]

How to be resilient – the collaborative way

Are you… Feeling that you have a run out of steam, because you’ve been doing all the thinking and carrying out most of the actions? Even when WFH? Needing to be more resilient to stress, change or challenge?  Finding your solo actions are not having the impact that you hoped for? Facing a larger challenge, that might benefit […]

What is workplace wellbeing coaching?

Wellbeing coaching at work is a supportive conversational process with a coach, that may involve focusing on different areas of your life. These include working productively, and effectively and the links with  your wellbeing e.g. relaxation, health, WFH, and wellbeing goals. Wellbeing leadership coaching may focus on leading on wellbeing  at work e.g. how to […]

Differences between coaching and mentoring

Two women at work. One BME woman. One white woman. Both smiling.

Mentoring and coaching are often confused. By looking at ‘wellbeing coaching’ at work, you can see the basic differences. Wellbeing Coaching at work and Wellbeing Leadership Coaching at work relates to your wellbeing at work and wider life. Wellbeing Coaching at work supports you to be at your best at work in terms of feeling […]

Build resilience when teaching or meeting online

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Whether you work in FE teaching or supporting others,  we all need to be  more resilient right now.  1. Notice your energy levels when you are online. And as soon as you can, do what you need to help adjust them e.g. walk, snack, a chat or rest. Is your energy low, middle, running on […]