The secret to work-life balance: boundaries

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Can we succeed at a demanding job while  staying balanced? Yes. Here are 6 tips that have actually enabled that to happen!

You only have a limited amount of time and energy each day, so you’ve got to set boundaries and stick to them. Easily said and harder to do, I know. But I’ve  been there – a lot, so here are here are my top tips…

* Establish ONE new clear work-life boundary, such as identifying what time you want to finish work each day.  

*  Communicate that new boundary to your colleagues and loved ones. Let them know you’d like their support with sticking to this as a priority and to your work-life balance goal! Life and boundaries are infinitely easier with support. 

* Gradually learn to say ‘no’ or ‘later’ or ‘I can give a smaller amount of time’ when your day, week and month is regularly full. It takes time and practice. It can be a bit unsettling at first. But learning to say no, or ‘not right now’, is a useful skill. I recall trying to find a creative way to do this with a manager who often gave me multiple priorities. So I asked them, ‘Which of these priorities would you like me to work on and which shall I drop, because I can’t do them all?’ That was my version of no. 

* Develop a new habit of carving out time for a hobby and other activities that relax and refresh you. I love mosaic-making, walking and reading. What refreshes you? 

* Remember that taking care of yourself and having good boundaries supports you to be at your best at work and in life.

*Learning to boundary means you can put your time, and energy into the stuff that really matters. See: Mark Manson. 

I’d love your ideas for setting and keeping boundaries around your work-life balance. 

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