A strong network for resilience

Research shows that resilience is undoubtedly strengthened by networks of people that you trust and can connect with. This  sustains you through difficult times. A strong work network, for example, offers you opportunities to ask other people for guidance, tap into resources and find others with the right services that you need. 


If your professional network consists of people who are not just in your demographic, even better. A good network has people with a variety of values; as long as you share one or two core human values (such as equality or generosity, or a love of creativity, for example) you are likely to find it easier to have some shared perspectives. And you may feel more comfortable . 

You can also use your network to hear and learn from a wide variety of perspectives that are not your lived experience. 

So, my professional network includes people who are many decades older than me and younger than me, who live deep in the countryside or in urban environments, and who live on the other side of the planet. There are different ethnicities, able bodied and differently abled people, who come from a range of socio-economic backgrounds. There are people in my professional network with widely varying values, and I find that as long as we do have one or two shared values we can connect. 

It’s important that my diverse professional network does more than support me: it also challenges me to see things from different perspectives. 


What’s your professional network like? 

Is it strong, with people that you can call on? Is it lacking any diversity, or different values, so you are in an echo chamber? 

Are you making the most of it? Strengthening it? Using it when you need a different perspective or support through challenging times? 

Small steps 

So do your research. Explore potential business networks, professional networks and community networks. Consider where you could find “your people” and also people who are different from you. Where you are comfortable, but where there are people you could learn from.

Make sure that you have people and places where you can reach out for advice, strength and a different viewpoint. These are places where you can also be generous with sharing your time and views as well.

To wrap up: resilience is not just being a strong individual. It’s also found in powerful networks. There is  power in strengthening and in using those networks. 

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