The Learning Moment team are experimenting with programme follow up. So we can help you better feedback and impact about the programmes we lead with you.

What we are piloting

Padlet on Standard programmes

  • With standard  programmes e.g. two half day modules,  we are experimenting with Padlet follow up, especially where we repeat the programme for you e.g. for leaders and then for staff. 
  • Here’s how:
  • Approximately  30 days after a group of programmes have been completed,  we will set up a Padlet with one, ‘free resource or link e.g. video or blog or link’ and 2-3  follow up evaluation questions
  • We will send you the link and QR code for the Padlet to send to your all the participants who attended similar titled programmes e.g. ‘Resilience for Managers’, ‘Resilience
  • and Wellbeing’ etc. 
  • Please test the link and see if you can write in the Padlet. Then send it to the programme participants. Your Padlet will be live for 10 days.
  • Please check in at the end of the 10 days to see if you have any responses. You can then save the file as a PDF or another format.
  • Your Padlet will automatically be deleted after two weeks. Data may be saved by us in line with our privacy policy.

We are piloting this now – so all feedback on this first launch is appreciated.

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