• Quick tips – Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Managers

Emotional Intelligence –  popularised by Daniel Goleman –  is proven to help your career development, leadership and management skills.

In my first EI blog,  I’ll help you discover what techniques improve the Self-Awareness aspect of  EI.  So whether you are looking to shift to a new role, improve a relationship or be a more engaging leader, you’ll get some great ideas here.

One area of EI is Self Awareness –   being aware of your  feelings,  thoughts, behaviour patterns, tendencies and triggers as they occur.  Very useful for a whole range of things,  from staying calm, or  negotiating to motivating yourself.

What helps

A few things that can really help raise self-awareness are: 

*Journaling: Writing and reflecting on an experience and then learning from it

*Behaviour preference assessments  e.g. MBTI and Insights Discovery

*Asking for feedback from trusted and caring peers, about the impression you create in your communication and your behaviours

*Improving your communication skills

*Self-assessing your strengths and areas for development in a work context

*Consciously building your resilience to change and challenge

I hope you have a chance to practice some of those at work! Follow the link for improving your communication skills, to see some ideas about interacting with colleagues in improved ways. Even in small ways those communication tips and actions can make a big difference to your EI at work.

Learn more

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