Surviving and Thriving through

Change, Uncertainty and Adversity at Work

Introducing the Really Resilient Guide

In a fast paced, demanding workplace, resilience is key to both surviving and thriving. Your staff might need to learn to hit the ground running and deliver high quality at a fast pace. 

All this requires staying power, determination, ‘bounce’, collaborative teamwork and adaptability. But how can you be sure that you’ve got the right learning programme for your staff? 

Andry Anastasis McFarlane is an expert in helping staff learn resilience. The author of the Really Resilient Guide, Andry is also a skilled coach and facilitator. With Andry’s REALLY RESILIENT approach, your staff will be taken on a personal learning journey. 

You’ll discover high-quality online Really Resilient Guide introductory courses, in-depth courses and webinar programmes – and even one-to-one resilience coaching. There are also online or face-to-face resilience workshops - perfect for staff working from home or the office. 

Really Resilient Guide online introductory programme 

Begin your staff's journey now, with a real resilience expert guiding you. 

Gentle Introduction

Your staff will discover resilient thinking and get a taste of what they might experience in the longer online course 

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It's great if you want to try and are not yet ready to pay for a more in-depth course


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Other products and services 

 Really Resilient Guide Online Course

11 sessions perfect for bite-sized learning

  • 5 x Masterclass videos
  • 6 x How-To Videos
  • Journal
  • eCertification
  • 1 Year Licence
  • Access to private Facebook Community



LIVE online and face-to-face workshops 

Two-day Really Resilient  Workshop

  • Two day live/online workshop
  • Bonus Online Course
  •  Certification

Executive resilience building  programmes 

Resilience training tailored for the executive level

  • Small team and one-to-one training
  • 6 Module Mastery Programme
  • Bonus Online Course
  • Certification

 Really Resilient Guide Online Course

Perhaps your staff are facing a challenge right now? Or you need to prepare for ongoing change and uncertainty? 

You need a programme that offers your staff a wide range of resilience techniques and theory, with an expert resilience facilitator. Andry’s programme of 11 sessions is perfect for bite-sized learning at the desk, home or office.


Staff benefits:

  • They learn about key tools such as ‘solutions focused thinking’ to assess and build their own resilience
  • They learn how to get centred, so they can take actions that have the best impact on their resilience.
  • They can experience getting unstuck using ‘launch’ and ‘take action’ tools.
  • They experience working collaboratively with colleagues to build resilience using peer coaching and mapping.
  • They can work at their own pace, with video access for one year.

  • They gradually develop their ability to manage change, challenge or adversity at work. 

What you get

  1. 1
    Five 4-7 minute masterclass videos on the key ideas for building resilience.
  2. 2
    Six "How To" Videos that support your staff through each stage of building determination, wellbeing. and flexibility.
  3. 3
    Really Resilient Guide Journal to reflect on all the resilience activities and deepen your staff's learning journey.
  4. 4
    Access to all the Really Resilient Guide videos for one year.  
  5. 5
    Free eCertificate for each participant who completes the course

Great For

Bitesized learning

Staff who have limited time and want to learn in small chunks

Constant support

Professionals who want to regularly tap into resilience expertise 

Continued growth

People who want to build resilience over time 

Immediate results

 Any staff facing challenge, change or uncertainty right now

Really Resilient Guide Online Course

Pricing per participant exc. VAT.


LIVE online and face-to-face workshops 

Sometimes, live online tuition or a face-to-face programme is more suitable and deepens your staff’s learning. 

Andry is an experienced facilitator. So your staff get interactive workshops that deepen their learning.

What you get

  1. 1
    Two day introductory Really Resilient Guide workshop, covering the five key resilience areas and techniques for building a resilient mindset, resilient actions and collaborative resilience.
  2. 2
    In-depth 6-module Mastery Programme, working with the five key areas of resilience and techniques for individuals and teams. 
  3. 3
    Free Access to the full Really Resilient Guide course and videos and eCertificates for all participants (For bookings of 3+ sessions only)

LIVE online and face-to-face workshops 

Pricing per participant exc. VAT.

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Executive resilience building  programmes 

Executive and senior teams have a large influence on organisations. They benefit from a more in-depth resilience programme. 

  • In-depth learning in small groups
  • Six-module live online or face-to-face programme, working on the five key areas of resilience, using individual and team resilience building techniques.
  • Free Really Resilient Guide e-book for each participant.

Executive managers often have confidential resilience goals and challenges. These are better addressed in our one-to-one executive resilience coaching. 

  • Expert coach Andry has a deep understanding of resilience issues. This helps your leaders progress and excel at resilience.
  • Six one-hour sessions of resilience coaching for staff by Skype.

Book coaching or mentoring for five leadership staff and get: 

  • free access to the full Really Resilient Guide course and videos for all participants 
  • free e-certificate for each successful online participant 

Executive resilience building programmes

Pricing per participant exc. VAT.

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