Do you want to learn the most proven ways of building personal resilience?

Introducing the Really Resilient Guide

Work and life can be challenging at times, demanding and filled with uncertainty. Lots of people think that resilience only means keeping going when things get tough. Or that you need to toughen up. But it’s not. It’s about being adaptable and flexible. It's about having staying power and bouncing back from adversity.  

But how do you do that? Reading a few tips in a blog is not going to build your resilience in any significant way. 

So Andry has put together her expertise in 25 years of resilience building from coaching managers, professionals and directors. That way you get access to the best resilience techniques and theory. And you get expert guidance to help you survive and thrive through challenge and change. 

Whether you want an introductory programme, or in-depth journey, live webinars or personal resilience coaching, you’ll find exactly what you need here. These programmes are great for professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone between jobs.  

(After one year of  us offering free resileince courses, we now offer two lower priced versions instead).

Really Resilient Guide online introductory programme 

Begin your resilience-building journey now with a real resilience expert guiding you. 

Gentle Introduction

You will discover resilient thinking and get a taste of what you might experience in the longer online course.

Only £9.99

It’s great if you want to try and are not yet ready to pay for a more in-depth course.

Two 2-minute videos on building resilience, with.step-by-step guidance on two quick techniques: building a resilient mindset and tapping into your inner determination. Plus a handout with more tips and information.

Other products and services 

 Really Resilient Guide Online Course

11 sessions perfect for bite-sized learning

  • 5 x Masterclass videos
  • 6 x How-To Videos
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to private Facebook community 



Really Resilient Guide Live Community Course

Really Resilient Guide Live Community Course

  • 4 one-hour live webinars 
  • One year's access to recorded webinars
  • Free copy of the Really Resilient Guide Book
  • Access to the Really Resilient Guide Online Course

Executive resilience building  programmes 

One-to-one resilience coaching

  • Six 1 hour one-to-one online coaching sessions
  • A coaching induction to determine your most important resilience goals
  • Free copy of the Really Resilient Guide book
  • Free access to the Really Resilient Guide Online Course

 Really Resilient Guide Online Course

Sometimes you want to deepen your resilience learning. Perhaps you are facing a larger challenge or uncertainty right now. Or you need to prepare for upcoming ongoing change. So you need more than the intro online course. You need a programme that offers you a range of resilience techniques with an expert resilience facilitator. 

Andry’s 11 session programme is perfect for bite-sized learning at your desk, home or office.

How will this help you?

  • You’ll learn about key tools such as ‘solutions focused thinking’ to assess and build your own resilience.
  • You’ll learn how to get centred, so you can take actions that have the best impact on your resilience.
  • You can experience getting unstuck using ‘launch’ and ‘take action’ tools.
  • You’ll experience working collaboratively with colleagues to build resilience using peer coaching and mapping. 
  • You can work at your own pace, with video access for one year. 
  • You’ll gradually develop your ability to manage change, challenge or adversity at work. 

What you get

  1. 1
    Five 5-7 minute masterclass videos on the key ideas for building resilience. 
  2. 2
    Six "How To" Videos that support you through each stage of building determination, wellbeing. and flexibility. 
  3. 3
    Lifetime access to all the Really Resilient Guide videos.

Great For

Bitesized learning

For those who have limited time and want to learn in small chunks

Constant support

For those who want to regularly tap into resilience expertise 

Continued growth

For those who want to build resilience over time 

Immediate results

 For those  facing challenge, change or uncertainty right now

Really Resilient Guide Online Course


Really Resilient Guide Live Community Course 

So you want to learn resilience but you want more than videos?  That’s when you need a live learning community.

With the Really Resilient Guide online live webinar course, you’ll work in a supportive community group setting with Andry to facilitate and personalise your learning. The longer sessions give you more time to address your own key resilience goals and challenges. 

  • You’ll connect with your peer learning community and deepen your resilience  learning outside of the sessions 
  • You can practise six resilience techniques live  
  • It’s an opportunity to really master your resilience
  • Live learning of key resilience ideas can help you handle crisis, challenge, stress and change at work
  • The personalised group journey allows time to ask your questions about resilience
  • You’ll get 27 proven resilience  techniques in the free Really Resilient Guide book

What you get

  1. 1
    Four one-hour live webinars with a learning community and resilience author and facilitator Andry 
  2. 2
    One year access to the recorded webinars – so you can revisit them whenever you like
  3. 3
    Free copy of the Really Resilient Guide book
  4. 4
    Access to the Really Resilient Guide online course with 11 videos for a whole year

Really Resilient Guide Live Community Coures

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One-to-one resilience coaching  

When you really want that one-to-one focus, only coaching will do. It’s the gold standard of resilience learning. And with Andry you get a resilience expert to guide you through each stage of your journey.    

  • Andry’s coaching has helped people get new jobs, get promoted, stand up to their managers and handle stress at work.
  • Other clients say her coaching is attentive, supportive and transformational in terms of their resilience
  • Focus on the specific areas of resilience you need to address, such as wellbeing, determination, bounce back or adaptability. 
  • Experience a growth journey that will help you cope better with and embrace  change, challenge and  adversity at work and in life.

What you get

  1. 1
    Six 1-hour one-to-one online coaching sessions 
  2. 2
    A coaching induction to determine your most important resilience goals
  3. 3
    A free copy of the Really Resilient Guide book with 27 resilience techniques
  4. 4
    Access to the whole Really Resilient Guide Online Course with 11 videos for a whole year

Executive resilience building programmes

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