Educational Organisations

We know you need facilitators and coaches who understand the education sector, teaching staff and leadership.

We are experienced educational managers  - from Senior Managers to Senior Lecturers and teacher trainers. We have successfully worked with over 40 educational organisations, including universities, colleges, schools and educational membership bodies.

How you’ll benefit

  • You get bespoke OTLA programmes that really work for teaching staff. 
  • You get a solutions focused culture change. 
  • You get innovation in teaching, learning and the observation cycle. 

How can we help you?

  • CPD for senior, middle and first line managers
  • CPD for teaching staff and teaching leads
  • Culture change
  • Resilience building online and face-to-face programmes.(link to RRG organisations)
  • Free online resilience programme (link to RRG organisations)
  • Innovative supported experiments
  • Coaching and and mentoring schemes to improve teaching, assessment and observation  
  • Developmental lesson observation programmes 

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