Leadership, management and team programmes


We have lots of  fantastic ways of working with leaders,  managers and teams  that have really made a difference to our clients’ working lives.  From coaching that creates life changing conversations,  to focus groups that help leaders dialogue with teams and staff.  We create programmes that bring  transformations you are seeking.  Here are a few ideas on how we could help you:

Leadership and management coaching

Coaching develops leaders and managers in ways that benefit individuals and whole organisations. Coaching with us really enables  your managers to overcome leadership and team challenges.

Our coaching approach means we can engage coachees’ managers to help set and review shared performance goals. In that way, your leaders really impact positively on the whole organisation’s performance.

We usually work with a coachee for 4-10 sessions. These can be face to face at your organisation, by phone or by Skype.

We understand that teams work best when relationships work well and when individuals  have a shared vision. We work with you to develop effective, resourceful teams  that communicate well.  We using two approaches: team development days and team coaching days.

Team coaching programmes

Our team coaching programmes are a popular choice for leadership and management teams. They are a great way to get teams working together and learning from each other’s perspectives.

We use powerful Solutions-Focused conversation skills to help your teams have more conversations that focus on solutions, not on problems.

Team development days

You’ll find out exactly how you and your leaders can  flex and adapt your communication approach. That way you can understand each other better and get the results you are all working towards. We embed personality profiles into our team days. So you get real insights into how you all can all work together better.


Appraisal and professional review programme

Appraisals can be a fantastic way to develop and focus your staff. Our appraisal programme supports you to review your current system and develop meaningful appraisals across your whole organisation. We enable you to develop the skills, approach and supporting paperwork to lead powerful appraisals with all your staff.