Innovation, change management and culture change


Managing change and enabling innovation  is at the heart of organisational success. When managers are aware of how to take staff on a shared journey of change, the transformation can begin.

At The Learning Moment we currently offer five empowering change management and innovation learning experiences.

meaningful innovation using theory u.

theory u.  is a fantastic approach and programme for enabling innovation.  It’s great for those  ongoing challenges that you haven’t been able to resolve in organisations.  We  have experience in enabling innovation from the early stages from the exploration of   ‘what’s our toughest challenge?’ to practically  ‘prototyping new ideas’.   We’ve used theory u. to help Impact Hub Brixton, Makeshift and with 12  global climate change specialists – helping them all tackle their toughest challenges!

authentic change management

This experiential programme supports you to explore authentic change management. You get to identify how authentic change can help you bring about improved leadership outcomes in your organisation. This practical programme includes an action learning project, where you experience initiating change at work.

performance coaching

Performance coaching with us provides a space for powerful motivating conversations that get to the heart of an issue. We help you and your staff find clarity and direction. You get to experience improved  job performance and  increased job fulfillment.

Our coaching approach means we  can engage coachees’ managers to help set and review  shared performance goals. That way the whole organisation benefits. We usually work with a coachee for 6-10 sessions. These can be  face to face at your organisation, by phone, or by Skype.

action learning sets

Do you want a creative team forum to help you address key business challenges? Do you want your staff to focus on solutions, not problems?

Our action learning sets could  be the solution you need. We help your teams to balance reflection and action. We lead six half-day focus groups that  get to grips with key issues and generate solutions. Your staff will develop solutions-focused thinking and commit to practical relevant actions. We can also train your staff to facilitate action learning sets in-house. We have led action learning sets with Lewisham, Croydon  and Southwark local authorities.

focus groups

Do you want to accurately gather staff and customers’ views and find out what vital changes you need to make to your business?

Our powerful, facilitated focus groups help you gather ideas and opinions at a grass-roots level. We do this by asking your staff and customers  insightful questions in a safe and neutral forum. Our follow-up reports give you key information into what your customers are saying and what changes they believe could genuinely improve your business or organisation.