taking charge of your career



Are you interested in applying  for  a new job opportunity?  Have you been  affected by risk of job loss due to cutbacks?   Or are you simply  exploring  the job market,  in case you see something new? 

Here are some tips to help you get ready for applying for new work  opportunities:

  • Carry out  a Skills Assessment  so that you can learn about what skills to highlight in a CV or application form.   This will also help you identify your skills gaps. Get  ideas on Skills Assessments   from the  Guardian  blog. 
  • Look online at our CV guide – find out what goes in a good CV. Log into our members-page to find out more
  • Finally,  it  may be the case that you  are doing work that you don’t really enjoy any more.   So, explore what you’re really enthusiastic about.  What work would  you love to do?  What training do you need to help you to be ready for a new role?  How could you make an income using those skills?   Take some time  – over a cup of tea or coffee  –  and do a bit of reflection and action planning.