Resilience & Work-Life Balance

Resilience & Work-Life Balance

We’ve been working with our clients on building personal resilience. Central to resilience is having a good work/life balance. Ever had the experience of being truly exhausted by work, more ‘worn down’ than just ‘day to day tiredness’? When you work too hard and too long without socializing and resting, you don’t recharge your physical and creative energy. So you become less resilient because you have no ‘reserves’ to draw on.

You need those reserves of energy to be solutions focused, to handle challenges, to roll with change and to be calmer and more solutions focused. Having reserves of energy enables you to be upbeat in networking events, to handle getting turned down for funding or to present with presence!

If you are truly driven by ‘to do’ lists put ‘socialising’ on yours – at least you can tick it off and get that completed feeling!   This month I reluctantly postponed attending a Solutions Focused conference (as a participant) as I felt my reserves of energy were low. I reviewed and found that my work-life balance was really uneven. I rested, re-discovering enjoyment and socializing and committed to boundarying of my work hours (as a business owner, knowing when to stop working, is a skill I’m learning). Now I’m getting back on form, I feel more energised, more resilient and more able to take on new opportunities with my usual dynamic energy.  I can roll with the demands and opportunities of work. From pitching to facilitation, coaching to research, it all requires some ‘down-time’ in order be to carried out successfully and with the resilience both a freelancer and employee needs.

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