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resilience tips for leaders

We’ve researched and trained on ‘resilience for staff’  for 3 years in various organisations.  Now we are helping leaders and managers  to be more resilient.  Here are our tips for being  a more resilient leader.

1.  Make connections in your organisation:   Good relationships with colleagues that you get on with, friends at work, or others are important.  They can take time to build.  Explore where you can ask for and receive  support from those more established relationships.  Find some relationships in which you will be listened to or receive constructive feedback, as this can strengthen resilience.

2.  Carry  out a regular  reality check:  challenge your  theories and ideas.  Ask yourself:  is this true?  what’s the evidence?  what’s changed?  Exploring how the landscape has changed  e.g. funding changes,  can keep you ahead of the game.

3.  Learn about your own ‘know-how’  as a manager.  Consider the following:

  • When have I been most successful at overcoming tough challenges as a manager or leader?
  • How have those events typically affected me?
  • What have I learned about myself  as a person/manager  and my inner strengths during challenging  times at  work?
  • Have I been able to overcome obstacles, and if so, how?
  • What’s my know-how (skills, techniques and resourcefulness) gained from all this?

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