resilience is for everyone

resilience is for everyone

Have you ever thought that some people seem more resilient than others? People who have learnt resilience, often know it can be learnt by everyone, not just a few extraordinary people.

Our 1  and 2 day resilience programmes help you to become more resilient to stress,  challenging repetitive experiences and change.

Our programmes are  grounded in evidence-based resilient strategies,  collected over a 5 year period – so you can be sure they really work and are enjoyable too:   

‘Enjoyed the opened discussions. Andry is passionate about what she does – love it! Looking forward to next week.’  ‘I liked the way that resilience can be used in all parts of my life, it is now firmly located in my conscious.’    say participants at a recent Lewisham Southwark  ‘Resilience is for Everyone’ workshop.

Here’s a typical 1 day  content for  ‘Resilience is for everyone’ : 

  • Clarify what resilience is and what it means to you at work
  • Assess your own resilience using a questionnaire or self-assessment tool
  • Explore proven strategies for increasing your resilience in an organisation
  • Experience ‘resilience improving’ activities
  • Leave the workshop clear about how you will work on improving your own (and team) resilience in your current role:

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