Hope, fast learning and calm

Hope, fast learning and calm

A wellbeing post from Andry

How fast can you learn? I’ve been facilitating a  well-being programme for the Skyros Centre and I had some lovely feedback from a participant.  I’m sharing it with you as it shows how quickly  you can learn about wellbeing.. or maybe about anything.   With a workshop and a couple of  coaching conversations you can see that  insights happen.  For those of you who think wellbeing at work is unattainable,  the feedback  gives hope I think .

‘I was hoping for insight into some negative patterns I’d adopted lately and for clarity about issues that had cropped up in my work and personal life. And even more than the insight, I hoped to find tools to help me manage the “issues” and to prevent them from happening too often (or at all) in future.

I worked with you (Andry) both in a group setting and in one-to-ones. Both formats were very useful, but I feel I got the best from the one-to-ones. You are a skilled listener and facilitator and in a surprisingly short amount of time, unraveled the “what I was doing/feeling/experiencing” and revealed the “why”. This made it far easier for me to understand the motivation and emotions behind my behaviours and this “demystification” has helped me handle my difficult moments in a more relaxed way. Not overthinking them.

I’ve come home calmer and more balanced, in my mood. And I have your input and techniques in my pocket, ready to be used when necessary.’ Participant, New Ways to Wellbeing Programme

As a facilitator,  I  found three things really  help people  to learn faster:

Relaxation –  on this wellbeing programme we had time and space each day of our programme to relax.  It’s so much easier to have insights when you are relaxed.  Fast moments of learning can then also  be followed by slower moments of application.

Humour – I have found that laughter lowers barriers to learning.  Lightening up seems to bring a better, more striking,  learning experience. Perhaps emotion plays a feature in that.

Imagery and metaphor –   using images can help you find fast  insights.  Often in coaching,  I share  or ask for  imagery to help clarify where my clients  are at:  e.g. ‘green with envy’, ‘ready to take a leap’ or  ‘jumping for joy’.  These images can bring an ‘aha’ moment to your learning – helping you to take stock of where you are at and set a new direction or goal.

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Hope to see you soon, Andry