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Falling in love with education

This week,  I supported a fab learning event,  ‘School is boring. what can we do about it?’ at Impact Hub. One of the questions was: ‘What do we want from education?  For Miranda Gay, one of the speakers, it was ensuring learners have much more say in how their learning is created.  Other responses inspired by Joel Balkwill, CEO, Spiral included, ‘learning for the person and person’s character’, ‘using supported experiments’ and ‘teachers loving learning’.

There are many schools,  colleges  and universities where students experience excitement for learning and where teachers really love learning. Some places even, where teachers and learners are not allowed to take work home! Andrew Morgan, Principal from Space Studio West London had lots of examples of exciting learner-based projects to share and also a fab approach to supporting teachers.

As teachers and facilitators, it’s key that we maintain our passion for education  despite the many stresses and pressures of inspections,  challenging changes,  organisational politics and demanding paperwork.

Our enthusiasm  for education in the organisation we work in, can be contagious.   Our willingness to meet each learner as a person full of potential, can make or break a learner’s experience of school, college or university.

I love learning more now than I ever have done. In the last year I’ve been a student  on three programmes: an art course at Morley College, and two MooCs – Massive Open Online Courses. As a teacher, experiencing myself as a student is key – it reminds me of how challenging a learner I can be and also how open I can be.

It gives me renewed respect for my students, for the courage they often have and the challenges they learn to overcome.  It also helps me to notice others and my own learning styles. I’m becoming a bit more of an activist learner. I no longer want to be in ‘the classroom’ so much. I now like a lot of ‘out of class’ activities.

So my encouragement for other facilitators, teachers and lecturers is, if  your enthusiasm  for education, teaching or learning has taken a knock, take steps to revive it. Be a  student for a while. Take good care to look after your enthusiasm.   Immerse yourself in some good learning and then reflect. Rediscover the excitement of learning and begin to enjoy your work and job again a little more.

As one of the younger school learners from said last night,  ‘It would be great if teachers loved learning even more at the end of their jobs, than they did at the beginning. That would be brilliant’.

To find out more about teaching and learning CPD visit: http://thelearningmoment.org/education-programmes/