Executive and management coaching


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We have extensive experience of coaching with managers, leaders and other staff.  We have seen fantastic results  from coaching in many organisations. We know that through coaching, you can get a great return on your investment.

We usually work with a coachee for 6-10 sessions. These can be face to face at your organisation, by phone or by using Skype.

Personality profiles  combined with  management coaching

When you combine managment coaching with our insightful profiles, you transform how you connect and communicate with others. You’ll enhance how you lead and manage. Once you’ve answered our online questionnaire, you’ll receive a 20+ page scientifically proven personality profile.

In your profile, you’ll  find insights that can help you better understand yourself as a manager and how you impact on others in the workplace. Your personality profile is unique to you, and we coach you through it. We look in detail at all your behaviour preferences, ways of leading and recommended areas for development.

Our memorable profile system is easy to understand and remember. That means you are more likely to use the key ideas on a day-to-day basis.

Senior leadership coaching  and executive coaching

Coaching develops senior leaders, managers and executives in a way that benefits whole organisations. We have worked with a range of managers, from heads of departments to principals and directors. Executive coaching with us provides a space for strategic thinking and provides clarity and direction.

Leadership, management and performance coaching

Coaching with us provides a space for powerful motivating conversations that get to the heart of an issue. We help you and your staff find clarity and direction. You get to experience improved job performance and  increased job fulfillment. Our successful coaching approach means we can engage coachees’ managers to help set and review shared performance goals. That way the whole organsation benefits.