Coaching for life, career and creativity


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Living  a happy and successful life  is a meaningful goal for many of our clients.  We offer four life-changing ways to help you get there:

  • Life coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Professional coaching
  • Creativity coaching

We offer fabulous life coaching, career coaching, creativity coaching and professional coaching. Our qualified experienced coach Andry Anastasiou is a full member of the Association for Coaching. Andry  has more than 10 years’ coaching experience, working with professionals throughout Europe.

You can have face-to-face coaching at our wonderful venue, Impact Hub Brixton, as well as phone coaching and Skype coaching. Call us for a free introductory chat on 07984 107728.

Life coaching

life coaching

Do you want to find direction and  be clear how to achieve your goals?  Would you like to experience a more fulfilling life?  Life coaching with us is a practical and  inspiring way to do just that.

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Focused  coaching conversations with Andry guide you to get to the heart of an issue and discover your own solutions.  Coaching with Andry helps you to make clearer decisions and experience more confidence in everyday life.  You become more skilled at handling life’s challenges and also get support achieving your goals.

You can  also use coaching to develop your career, improve your financial well-being and develop calm and confidence.


Career coaching

professional workshopsAre you a little lost on how to move forward with your career? Is it time for you to move from your current role but you’re not sure what to do next? Do you need help with putting together your CV or application form? Would you like to be well prepared for interviews?

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Our career coaching service helps you find direction with your work and career. Using focused supported conversations with Andry, our qualified and experienced coach, you make practical changes that can enhance both your happiness and your finances at work.

We offer face-to-face coaching at the Impact Hub Brixton as well as phone coaching and Skype coaching. Call us for a free introductory chat on 07984 107728.

Professional coaching

professional coaching

Professional coaching supports you  to be more successful and happier at work and in business.

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For many of our clients this means overcoming obstacles and achieving goals at work.  For others,  it’s about developing meaningful careers and improving professional relationships.

We offer face to face coaching at the Impact Hub Brixton  as well as phone coaching and Skype coaching.   Call us for a free introductory chat on 07984 107728.




Creativity coaching

coaching with profiles

Are you  experiencing a bit of a creative block? Perhaps you are an artist or writer who needs to reconnect with your confidence or creativity? Maybe you simply want to discover your creativity?

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Creativity coaching with Andry can help you find your way forward with creative projects. It enhances your sense of trusting in the artistic process. Creativity coaching helps you deal with your creative blocks and tap into a renewed sense of enthusiasm and ideas.

Andry Anastasiou is a qualified experienced coach and mosaic artist. For five years she has worked consciously on the process of using coaching to unlock creativity.


Coaching for young people

coaching young people

Our supportive, coaching conversations help young adults find solutions for even the most challenging issues in life.

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We guide young people to see that they have lots of answers within them.  We help them to see their abilities and also discover their strong intuition. We work  with them on study skills and entrance exams.   All of this can help them make  better decisions and feel better about  studies, life and relationships.