Career Development and Redeployment workshops

Career Development and Redeployment workshops

Is your organisation going through restructuring?  Perhaps you want to help your staff to handle the process as best as they can?   Do you want to help with your career direction?

We’ve been working with a range of organisations to help them handle redeployment and restructuring.  Sometimes it’s as practical as helping staff to understand how to fill in  a skills match questionnaire.   At other times it’s helping people to explore their career development  and what else they might like to do e.g. setting up a business or moving into working in another sector.   Perhaps our career coaching and CV guidance is more what you need. Feedback from our  career workshops has been really  good,  we’re doing well at keeping the workshops uplifting and practical!  “The hand-out and activities were very useful and supportive for staff who are at risk of losing their jobs.”

We tailor the workshop content for each organisation –   content  can include:

  • Understanding how to fill in your  restructuring application documents
  • Clarifying and practicing describing achievements and evidence in documents, in a way that meets the job person specification points
  • Exploring where you are at with your career or job options available to you
  • Identifying good interview preparation – you’ll also find interview tips on our free resources page

At The Learning Moment,  our team  have been through the   redundancy  process when  we worked in other organisations.   We know what’s involved.  We combine a practical approach with real understanding.   Drop  us a line if you want to find out more about how we can support  you and your organisation: